Monday, January 23, 2017

Please Stop Calling Me

The Edge just keeps on calling me but I need less calls and more whistles.

Is that a whistle in your pocket or?..
What a fun week! Oddly enough, I've done far less Patch 3.5 content than I expected to. In fact there is some content that I've not touched at all, like Dun Scaith. Scrub alert! Personally I'm not hurting for gear upgrades but I do want to enjoy the story there. I WILL be hurting for iLevels before too long if I don't hurry up with a ZurvanEX clear and get my last two birds (birbs?). I am already seeing the i260+ farm parties and that's a bit steep for ol' Rubicon here. I can hit i256 on Healer, but my i254 set has less Det and more Crit and is better. With the right piece I could maybe balance it out but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe if I DID do Dun Scaith I'd be in a better place. Hmm...

I'm on fire today!
In my defense I have done quite a bit of 3.5 (no schoolboys yet!) and enjoyed it. Main story was good but expected. If you're a listener of the podcast, you know what I mean, ::cough:: Tupsimati ::cough::. I shed a tear for one character in Warring Triad and raised my eyebrow at the face of another... one that looks like a very young FF1 Warrior of Light. The Hildibrand finale was pretty funny although I'm a much bigger fan of 2.0's or even 1.0's Hildibrand over 3.0's. Let's put him back on a mystery, K? 

Mama do you think I'm smart enough?
If I've done anything else, it was help people run EX primals. I did a fair share of Nidhogg to help Cinna get her whistle... by totem. Yep. She ran 99 times. She's also at 80-ish Sephirot totems but got the bird on run 86 or something. I, on the other hand, ran a handful of Sophia on Saturday night and lo, a whistle fell into my lap. Rolled a 78 to beat a 77. Hell yes.

So I guess until I'm able to rid myself of this Firebird disease or until I smash Zurvan's head in, I'll be answering the next time The Edge calls.

Sitting in the corner,